Monday, January 4, 2010

Rainbow Monday

Tarot Card:  Ace of Cups - down and dirty, this is an emotional gift from above.

Rune:  Wyn - A respite from chaos and an interlude of harmony; the rune of joy

Wow, some days things just come together.  This morning, as I was finishing breakfast and watching the news, one of the animals running through the living room drew my attention to a brilliant beam of sunlight shining through the dust kicked up by the pets being rambunctious.  Usually, I would take this as a sign to get off my butt to vacuum and dust, but today, the motes were catching the sunlight and refracting it, causing a million (yup, I counted them) tiny rainbows to dance in the room.  The morning had gone well enough I could stop and enjoy this spectacle for a few minutes, marveling at the gift of beauty I was given.

Fast forward a couple of hours and I am in the Attic, doing my usual physical opening routine of lights, heat, coffee etc and the metaphysical opening of calling allies, lighting candles, burning sage and drawing the above portents.  I have been seeing rainbows everywhere, all day, mostly metaphorically, but a few physical one.  In the sunlight on Luna's fur, in the light coming in our south-facing front windows, even in the reflections from the cars passing on Indian River Rd.

Rainbows are everywhere today, reminding me to dance like motes of dust in a sunbeam, to enjoy the attention of loved ones, both two- and four-legged, to embrace the miracle of today and every day.

I surely hope this blog is not regularly this sappy, but I have to write what I am led to write, so this post is what it is.



Saturday, January 2, 2010

And So It Begins

As usual when it comes to technical things, I have come to blogging way too lat to be considered trendy and just about the time everyone and their dog joins in (see Facebook).  My plan is to post on the days I am working at the Attic (these will include the Tarot Card and Rune drawn each day), and add other posts about classes, general thoughts and pipe dreams as I am led.

I am open to suggestions for content and am hoping we can generate some spirited conversations  in the comments.

So with these admittedly generic comments (I never promised originality), on behalf of Scott, Luna and Lucky Cat and myself, I bid you all good evening!

Tarot Card:  Three of Wands

Rune:  Feoh